Social Studies

9. What led Jane Addams to open hull house?
-She believed that someone needed to help the clinically insane assimilate into society.
-She believed in helping the urban poor, especially immigrants.
-She believed that the public needed to know what the government was doing.<------
-She believed big businesses operated under unfair practices.

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  1. Obviously you've read nothing about Jane Addams.

    After you've read your assignment, please post the correct answer here.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I believe the answer would be B

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  3. Thank you, Yea ok sure.

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  4. You are not helping Ms.sue!!!

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  5. yelling at people isn't helpful ether, and what kind of name is that! Mr.???

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  6. What kind of name is master gamer I bet you ain’t even good at gaming. @master gamer

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