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Is there any way that the postings could be numbered?
The post below this one by TONY obviously refers to a previous posting of his 8 steps below.
I know the URL has a number behind each particular post, and each post can be identified by a title and time/date, but with a number it would be easier to go back to a previous posting.
Just something to consider.

I personally have no control over this either way, but not sure it would be easier. The reason I say that is for several reasons:

1) You would probably have to set it up that the replies would have numbers too, so things would not necessarily be in numerical order.

2) It's a lot easier to think, "I put a post up last night about 10:15" than it is to remember "1584773907."

I have no control either way personally. I just don't think it would help me any personally. But if you do want a number, look at the URL of the web site. This question's URL is:

If you give me that display number (1174441528), I will be able to find this post again easily. But, again, that's not really much easier than asking me to check Tuesday Night's post.

But...I do like your idea and the fact that you are thinking of ways to improve the board. We work hard to make it a good board and I am glad suggestions come up. :)


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