Lisa looked at a group of even numbers. The numbers were 4, 8, 48, and 64. She made a generalization that all even numbers can be divided by 4. Which number below could you use to show weather Lisa's generalization is correct or incorrect.

A. 18
B. 28
C. 60
D. 100

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  1. Well..... 18 and 24 can be divided into the numbers we are working with so 4 can go into 18 right and 4 also can go into 24 so the most common number that i would've picked was 24 cause 4 can go into 24 but it will come out as a remainder if it goes into 18 so the answer is 24

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  2. Thanks

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  3. Your welcome

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  4. Every even number is divisible by 2, but not necessarily divisible by 4

    e.g. 6,10, and of course the 18 in your list would fall into that category.

    So the correct answer is 18 but is even, so Lisa's generalization is incorrect.

    18 is NOT divisible by 4

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  5. 18

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  6. It is 18 because 24 is NOT on the list. If it was then it would be 18 AND 24.

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  7. If 18 is divided by 4 what would the answer be?

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