Can you please let me know if I have worked this problem correctly:

425x11^y-7^z / 560x14^y-5^z-16

3y-2^ / 4x3^z-15^

I am not sure this is correct because we shouldn't have any negative exponents in our final answer.

Thank you

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  1. Your notation is not acceptable

    did you mean y^11 instead of 11^y ?
    is x a variable or a multiplication sign ?

    The way you typed it we are dividing by only 560,
    you will need brackets otherwise.

    in your answer, -2^ and -15^ are meaningless.

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  2. this is how the question reads on my homework...I apologize for the confusion.


    X to the 11th power....Y to -7th power
    X to the 14th power....Y to -5th power
    The answer is not supposed to have negatives in it. So, would i just divide 425/560 to get 3/4 and then subtract the exponents?

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