Urgent--Geometry(trig part)

So I am new to sine, cosine, and tangent, so I need some help. Just explain it. No need for the answers unless you want to give it to me. :D

Let triangle ABC be a right triangle with angleC=90degrees. Given the tangent of one of the complementary angles of the triangle, find the tangent of the other angle.


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  1. To me, the easy way is to sketch the right triangle.

    If TanA=1.25=5/4, then the tanB=4/5

    if TanB=1.50=3/2, then the TanA=2/3

    with the sketch, you can see the "opposite/adjacent" becomes the inverse.

    On the last, I thought C was 90 deg. Tangent of 90deg is infinite.

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