Cheryl gave Brenda 7 coins worth .92 cents. Two coins were quarters. What were the other 5 coins?

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  1. Probably there are equations that can be set up but you can also do it by logic.
    2 coins are 0.25 = 50 cents. That leaves 92-50 = 42 cents and 5 coins to go.
    The only way to get 2 cents is to have 2 pennies. That leaves 40 cents and 3 coins to go.
    The only way to get 40 cents with 3 coins is 1 quarter, 1 dime, and 1 nickel.
    So you have 3 quarters = 75 cents.
    2 pennies = 2 cents.
    1 dime = 10 cents.
    1 nickel = 5 cents.
    92 cents total and 7 coins.
    The only way to get 40 cents

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  2. how to make 92 cent

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