Write the equation of the line in the indicated form that meets each criterion below.

A. A line with a slope of -2/3 and a y-intercept of 4; in slope-intercept form

B. A line with a y-intercept of – 2 and an x-intercept of 3; in standard form

C. A line with a slope of – 3 and through the point (1, 2

asked by timmy
  1. A. y = -2x/3 + 4

    B. goes through (0,-2) and (3,0)
    (0+2)/(3-0) = 2/3 = (y+2)/(x-0)
    y+2 = 2x/3
    2x -3y = 6

    C. y = -3 x + b
    2 = -3(1) = b
    b = 5
    y = -3x + 5

    posted by Damon
  2. A. Y = mx + b.
    Y = (-2/3)X + 4.

    B. ax + by = c.

    (0,-2), (3,0).
    m = (0-(-2))/(3-0) = 2/3.

    Y = mx + b.
    Y = (2/3)x - 2,
    -2x/3 + y = -2,
    Multiply both sides by -3:
    2x -3y = 6. STD. form.

    C. m = -3, P(1,2).
    Y = mx + b.
    2 = -3*1 + b, b = 5.
    Eq: Y = -3x + 5.

    posted by Henry

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