which of the following is NOT true about the path of a cannon ball launched horizontally from the earth's surface if air resistance is neglected?
a. the cannnonball has a uniform horizontal velocity
b.the total velocity of the cannon ball increases as a function of time
c.the vertical velocity of cannon ball increases as a function of time
d. the distance the cannon ball travels only depends upon the height it is shot form.
e. the distance the cannon ball travels is dependent on its mass.

I think it is e but i'm not sure. also please explain WHY.

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  1. e is the best answer, if you ignore
    d is worded poorly, distance is dependent on the height and the initial horizontal velocity.
    So technically, d and e are both not true. I am not certain if your teacher is playing games or not with the wording on d, but distance does depend on height and velocity.

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  2. Its D
    The distance is also dependant on horizontal velocity not just vertical height

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  3. It's tangina boohoo

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  4. Mga gago

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