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A high school student (Age 16) uses his computer to record songs that he plays off the internet. The student recorded the songs off the internet usign a recoring device. He then sells the recording of music at school. He opens up a little shop were he'll put any songs onto a disc for a price. He argues sense he made the content himself and recorded it himeself that it's not against the law. He argues that it's not different from usign a recipe to make lemonade and tehn opening a lemonade stand on the streets and sellign it. Sense he made it himself but used a recipe it's ok sense he made it. He got the recipe form a book he didn't make it. Does the same concept aply? If he makes the files himself... does he have the right to sell them to people?

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asked by IDK
  1. Copying music and selling it for profit violates intellectual property and copyright laws. "Making files oneself" is copying files. Your analogy to making lemonade from a recipe will not hold up in court or international trade tribunals. Similarly, you could not sell photocopied books just because you made the copies yourself.

    You need to learn the difference between the words "since" and "sense". You misuse "sense" several times. There are many other spelling errors that are probably typos (aply, usign, form, sellign, himeself, recoring)

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    posted by drwls
  2. thanks a punch

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    posted by IDK

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