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who designed the Great seal of the virgin island

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is information on the VIPD (Virgin Islands Police Department):

The Great Seal of the VIPD

Seal The Virgin Islands Police Department established an official Seal in 2003. Elements of the Seal were adopted from the shoulder patch displayed on the left sleeve of the police uniform shirt worn by the men and women who protect and serve the residents and visitors of the United States Virgin Islands. The patch was adopted in 1981 from a design offered to the Virgin Islands Police Department by Luis A. Alicea, a prominent St. Croix resident.

The seal depicts the unique relationship between the noble, courageous, and faithful profession of law enforcement and the diverse and colorful cultural heritage of the U. S. Virgin Islands. The seal is symbolic of Virgin Islands pride, which is finely interwoven in the fabric of patriotic unity.

The perfect circle of gold rope symbolizes the Strength and Unity of the Virgin Islands Police Department through oneness of mind and body of all its members. Gold trims encircle our islands, their familiar lush green slopes and the sugarcane mill, which dot our terrain.

The navy blue of the Caribbean waters and light blue of our magnificent skies are the colors found in the police officers? uniform.

Fidelity and commitment to the service are embodied by the gold and blue colors of the seal. The red represents the sacrifice of blood and the green represents the islands that make up this great Territory. Centered are the unique islands we protect and serve, and which are dramatically supported on each side by the United States and Virgin Islands flags.

The laurel wreath depicts the spirit of cooperation that exists between local and federal agencies, and celebrates the achievements made through joint partnership.

Dedication to Service, Honor, and Pride aptly proclaim the commitment of the Virgin Islands Police Department, which is Second to None.

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