Three softball teams ordered equipment from the same catalog. The first team spent $285 on 5 shirts, 4 caps, and 8 bats. The second team spent $210 on 12 shirts and 6 caps. The third team spent $250 for 7 shirts, 10 caps, and 3 bats. What were the catalog prices for shirts, caps, and bats?

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asked by Sophia
  1. I have to use matrices for this one

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    posted by Sophia
  2. so, your equations are

    5s+4c+8b = 285
    12s+6c = 210
    7s+10c+3b = 250

    Use your favorite method of solution, and see whether you arrive at this solution:,4,8%7D,%7B12,6,0%7D,%7B7,10,3%7D%7D*%7B%7Bs%7D,%7Bc%7D,%7Bb%7D%7D+%3D+%7B%7B285%7D,%7B210%7D,%7B250%7D%7D

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    posted by Steve

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