Given the following information, construct a program budget.
Allocate nonsalary costs on the basis of the relative number of
positions in each program. Note: The dispatchers and prevention
inspectors report to the chief.
Average Total
Position Number Salary per Position
Chief 1 $42,000 $42,000
Secretary 1 18,500 18,500
Captain 2 36,000 72,000
Lieutenant 4 32,000 128,000
Equipment operator 6 26,000 156,000
Firefighter 18 24,000 432,000
Prevention inspector 4 24,000 96,000
Dispatcher 4 20,000 80,000
Total Expenditures
Salaries $1,024,500
Supplies and services 220,000
Capital outlay 150,000
Performance Data
Administrative hours 4,160
Fire prevention inspections 200
Emergency dispatches 720
Fire loss $3,400,000
Response time 4 minutes
Fire responses 152

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