Karen wanted to find out how much waster was used when taking a bath and when taking a show. Karen found the dimensions of the tub filled with enough water to take a bath was 1.7 meters x 1 meters x 0.46meters and that the shower uses 5075 liters per minute. Karen figures a shower takes on average 16 minutes. How much water does Karen use to take a bath. How much water does Karen use to take a shower

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  1. Volume of tub = 1.7(1)(.46) = .782 m^3

    5075 L per minute for a shower????
    A quick google gave me about 8 L per minute for an average shower

    volume of shower for 16 minutes
    = 5075(16) litres. ??? (fix that)

    1 m^3 = 100^3 cm^3 = 1000 L
    so .782 m^3 = 782 L

    Once you have the correct rate for the shower, follow my steps and compare

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