What are purposes that tattoos have served both in Canadian culture and in other countries and other times?
For example they can be a very compact souvenir of a trip to a distant land. Need to know some answers for I'm writing a paragraph on it.

Thanks so much. ^-^

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. People seem to like tatooes for decoration. They mean something to the person who has them; they commemorate something they don't want to forget. Tattooes can identify a gang, for example.

Main Entry: [3]tattoo
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Tahitian tatau, noun, tattoo
Date: 1769
1 : to mark or color (the skin) with tattoos
2 : to mark the skin with (a tattoo) <tattooed a flag on his chest>

From the Online Dictionary, this seems to be the origin of the name "tattoo."

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