Math (Please help!!)

Given A(-4,-2), B(44), and C(18,-8, answer the following questions
Write the equations of the line containing the altitude the passes through B in standard form.
Write the equation of the line containing the median that passes through point C in slope-intercept form
Write the equations for the line containing perpendicular bisector of AC in point-slope form

I'm on a deadline and I'm honestly so tired and my brain isn't working right. Could someone please help me understand this and explain in plain terms what its asking?? Thank you so much!!

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  1. The first thing you would have done of course is to make a sketch, it does not have to be perfect.

    Secondly, watch your sloppy typing, I will read point B as (4,4) and point C as (18,-8)

    In the first part, you want the equation of the line BD, where D is on AC, and BD is perpendicular to AB.
    slope of AB = (-8+2)/(18+4) = -6/22 = -3/11
    so the slope of BD = + 11/3
    and the equation is
    y = (11/3)x + b, with (4,4) on it, so
    4 = 44/3 + b
    12 = 44 + 3b
    b = -32/3

    y = (11/3)x - 32/3

    The slope of the perpendicular bisector of AB is also 11/3 , but this time the midpoint of AB lies on it.
    midpoint of AB = ( (-4+18)/2 , (-2-8)/2 )
    = (7,-5)

    This time you want it in slope-point form, so
    y+5 = (11/3)(x-7)
    simplify and you got it

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  2. I dont really understand the last one.. Could you explain more please?

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  3. To do these kind of questions, you MUST know how to find the midpoint between two given points. That is what I did to find (7,-5)

    You must also know that the equation of a line in point slope form for a given slope m and a given point (a,b) is
    y - b = m(x - a).
    that is what I used to find the line

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  4. man how did 12 = 44 + 3b become b = -32/3

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