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The call number of the book that you're looking for is R865.2. What do you know about the book
based on this information?
A. It's a book of or about Roman literature.
B. It's a book about medicine.
C. It's a reference book.
D. It's a book that can be gained through interlibrary loan
Student answer: C
Reference: Letter R indicates its a reference book but also means 'medicine'. 865 means Spanish and Portuguese literature

asked by Mary
  1. Library of Congress Classification System?


    posted by Writeacher
  2. No.


    posted by Reed
  3. B. Medicine, Thank you for the help

    posted by Mary
  4. You're welcome.

    posted by Reed
  5. Just took the test and it actually was C. reference book

    posted by Mary
  6. Your school program is in error. R is medical. The links we posted are from the Library of Congress. However, if the education program you are using for "school" says it's "reference", then that will be the only "correct" answer, even if the program is incorrect. Sorry 'bout that.


    posted by Reed
  7. Then the school must be using the Dewey Decimal System.

    If you had told us that in the first place, we could have sent you the correct link!

    posted by Writeacher
  8. It might be a book about medicine, but dont take my word for it! I dont know for sure. This one is pretty hard!

    posted by Anonymos

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