Its new and old at the same time

asked by Grace
  1. age

    posted by Hilarie
  2. religion

    posted by payment
  3. day-it a new day but you've had the day already like if today is 1st its a new day but in life we lived this day last year and the year before....

    posted by jojo
  4. day

    posted by Irene
  5. a riddle.

    posted by shazzy
  6. Y'all so dumb. The answer is land! Think about size and the purchase of a new parcel of land.

    posted by Shaffie Weru
  7. My anser is NEWS because we here everyday news which is still an old thing from the past there was still news

    posted by mercy
  8. the answeris an attire because it might be old to some who has it already but new to the one who is now buying it for the first time

    posted by ulder
  9. the answer is an attire because it might be old to some who have it already but old to the one who is buying it for the first time

    posted by ulder
  10. It's a calendar
    Because a calendar hosts a year and every day is new but old because a day such as that has been before. Like a year before has same days and weekends recurring in another year.

    posted by Daisy
  11. Guys! This is easy! The answer is NEW MOON! The new moon is old and also 'new' at the same time!

    posted by Steve
  12. the royal family

    posted by leo
  13. wine

    posted by Elijah
  14. my answer is a monument ,like the monument was built like a while ago but every once in a year new people remember it and others visit it for the first time making it new and old at the same time

    posted by jackson mwenda
  15. paper

    posted by rosey
  16. I think the answer is death anniversary. Because once a person dies is still a memory among the living and cherished through its growing generations

    posted by Irene
  17. Time

    posted by Annette
  18. i think the answer is "mtumba".after buying it your friends will refer it as 'new cloth' yet its old

    posted by Miles
  19. the answer is family
    its old from your great parents and still new when new generations are brought forth

    posted by erick
  20. fashion..it recurs from generation to generation..for example,boyfriend shoes were worn in 1980's and today they're back on fashion

    posted by Anonymous
  21. Y'all suckas are here because of the kiss 100 thing right? lol

    posted by Dan
  22. a rerycled paper bag..recycled papel bag's...lol

    posted by Gibson
  23. Salvation

    posted by Anonymous
  24. Land

    posted by Bonface
  25. The answer is love because its as old as humankind but new when we fall in it

    posted by Viola
  26. the answer is google

    posted by ace
  27. words

    posted by sussye
  28. so tricky bt i think the answer...a Dream Old dreams repeat themseld they keep coming back.so its new and old at the same time!

    posted by value
  29. the answer is language.We learn a new language yet it's an old one since it has been there before us but at the same time new to us because we are hearing it for the first time.

    posted by boniface
  30. The answer is Salvation. We were already saved when Jesus died on the cross, but we still get born again.

    posted by Allan Saoke
  31. A newborn baby

    The baby is new at the time of delivery but existed for 9 months.

    posted by Mercy Mumbua
  32. The ans is the day."same time" 1:00 morning the day is new 1:00 afternoon the day is already old.same tym deffrent periods bt its new n old same tym.:-)

    posted by Ano.
  33. land

    posted by winnie
  34. The sky

    posted by Austin
  35. I think the answer is earth but I ain't sure

    posted by Kajife
  36. Year

    posted by Esinah
  37. New york city...it is old and also it is new york city

    posted by Kirui
  38. it's NEWS coz once you hear it it was new but it has became old.. Soo if you hear in the next 30 seconds it will be old already... So it's new and old at the same time

    posted by Rachael
  39. Religion

    posted by Mandela
  40. Its a second

    posted by value
  41. The Day

    posted by Kevo
  42. I think the answer is the art of tattooing. It was there in the past where it was used to identify different tribes and in the present time it's a new style of fashion and lifestyle.

    posted by anonymous
  43. Kiss 100 got people researching so bad lmfao

    posted by A man has no name
  44. I would say the answer is Sun,Its Old And New Because Its Has Been There Since Day One And Its Still New Till Today

    posted by simon
  45. Land

    posted by tris
  46. Death

    posted by Felista
  47. The sun because it has always been there yet it comes every morning to symbolize a new day.

    posted by Mercy
  48. Moon

    posted by peter kelli
  49. i think the ans is sound becoz when someone hears it is new and it is old coz no one could hear the same sound again

    posted by Petrucci
  50. Salvation: Why? When someone is saved/born again, their bodies remain the same (old) but their souls become new (new). Size: salvation is relative. Some people are more religious than others.

    posted by Mercy
  51. The answer is Earth/land
    Why;because it's big that's in size
    Old/New;because it's been there even before our ancestors and newly it's about these generation

    posted by Gabriel
  52. the answer is sun ut rises every mrng 2 symbolise a new day

    posted by Anonymous
  53. new moon thunk size it has stages where the shape change think why it will always be the same new moon whether the shape changes the size is still the same

    posted by Celestina
  54. has many answers,but ithink the best is love coz it old and new at the same time it size can not be measured,to know whether it small or big.the next is how our eyes tricks our mind.

    posted by chris
  55. land

    posted by tulula
  56. Photocopy

    posted by Geofrey K
  57. I Think The Answer Is An Organ.The Organs That Are Currently Keeping You Alive Are Not The Same Time As When You Were Born.The More You Grow Old They Become New To Satisfy Your Current Life

    posted by value
  58. moon

    posted by liz
  59. Are y'all trying to solve kiss 100's riddle, lol

    posted by Marie
  60. ME

    posted by JUDY
  61. Faces

    posted by Oscar
  62. life-to a child life is new to it...to ur gradma life is old to her same time...

    posted by true
  63. Everything

    posted by Sicily
  64. call this number if u need the answer

    posted by 0702822094
  65. land

    posted by Maryann
  66. There is nothing old and new at the same time.

    posted by Ashley
  67. The answer is love

    posted by leakey
  68. Advertisement

    posted by Christine
  69. tha answr iz lve or land

    posted by Anonymous
  70. Everything

    posted by Joan
  71. Money

    posted by victor
  72. The word New

    posted by Punda
  73. Love

    posted by Grace karega
  74. Nothing..
    Everything is either new or old in perspective of how it is

    posted by Tank
  75. an year

    posted by cate
  76. Theres love death lucky

    posted by pinchez
  77. Theres love death lucky,brain...

    posted by pinchez
  78. The answer is the universe its old coz it was there before we came into earth and its new coz we live and wake up in it each day

    posted by Esther
  79. The Answer Is MOON

    posted by Jimmy Makaveli
  80. Taste; its always new for those trying 1st time but old for those who have already had it.

    posted by John kamau
  81. Gold (never old but its old, n always new when its old.)

    posted by valu George
  82. Raila Amollo Odinga

    posted by MILTON
  83. Language

    posted by Vidyarthy kush
  84. vhgfjhgf

    posted by uhjhgjgh
  85. I think the answer is the sky....its very old and has been There for a long time but Its still New to people and Its size cannot be mesured.because Its very big

    posted by Esther
  86. I think the answer is wine,its new when you open for consumption but at the same time is old

    posted by Tonny
  87. Money

    posted by Tracxy
  88. Inorder to win the money all you have to say is hair
    Hair was there and still is!

    posted by Linda Nyangweso
  89. The word "new". That's the answer.

    posted by Anonymous
  90. answer is death

    posted by joseph
  91. Greetings

    posted by George
  92. The answer is SEX...its old to those whose who have tried it eg married couples but its new to virgins

    posted by Ray
  93. New moon

    posted by Frank
  94. Education

    posted by Anonymous
  95. Education

    posted by Judy
  96. church

    posted by teacoffee
  97. Hahaha! You people are trying to solve the kiss 100 joke. The answer ain here though.

    posted by Wayne
  98. love

    posted by john
  99. Sperms

    posted by Bonnie
  100. I think the answer is parcel because of the purchase

    posted by midwon
  101. I really don know wat else to think but am starting to agree with new moon or love

    posted by Anonymous
  102. I think the answer is food

    posted by martha
  103. Land

    posted by Anonymous
  104. love

    posted by james
  105. Music

    posted by Alphonce
  106. I thin skin, because it is new but made of old cells.


    Midnight, marks the end and beginning of a day.

    posted by Prince Bushy
  107. Just call me above

    posted by 0795080733
  108. Hair

    posted by faith
  109. Clothes this because when it is dirty is old but when it is has been wash it's become new

    posted by Rayan
  110. I think the answer is love..its old enough as humankind but its still new to anyone who finds it now.

    posted by daffodil
  111. Land

    posted by Yvas
  112. Studies
    what we learn is old atuff but its new yo us as we learn it.

    posted by Boohoo
  113. john.the answer is an idea or view.its new when you suggest bt old since it has been used somewhere else.

    posted by true
  114. the answer is an idea or view.its new when you suggest bt old since it has been used somewhere else.

    posted by john
  115. Life

    posted by Sallie
  116. the answer is a newspaper

    posted by Adele onyango
  117. Time

    posted by kevin
  118. Institution

    posted by terry
  119. Institution

    posted by terry
  120. inventions

    posted by nyamu
  121. Air

    posted by Evans
  122. Embryo

    posted by toro
  123. rain

    posted by jeremy
  124. Embryo

    posted by Anonymous
  125. News?

    posted by Anonymous

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