Social Studies

What is the real difference between 'Social Studies' and History?

History is one branch of social studies. In high school, they often amount to the same thing, but "social studies" seems to be supplanting the teaching of chronolgical history. Other branches include geography, government (civics), political science, consumer education and various ethnic/cultural/gender studies.

You may enjoy reading this essay that answers your quesation with a particular poiknt of view:

Who designed the Great Seal of the U.S. Virgin Island

i need a map of the poblacion of the incas , mayas ,aztec ectt were each grupo was

Can you help me on scoial studies of the keys of the maps

i need help on social studies the question is change modifition or addition

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  1. which is canada largest region.

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  2. Canadian shield

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    posted by Nancy
  3. What did the steady food supply do for the population growth of the summerian cities?

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    posted by Johnnie
  4. The Huang River Valley Quick Check

  5. Week 10 help

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  6. Week 7 help

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  7. i need help with numbers 5,10,and 7 from social studies week 25.please help!

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    posted by meh

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