connexus science

This is for connexus academy unit 4 lesson 11

2.which of the following would result in the greatest reduction of waste
A)composting food waste
B)recycling glass plastic and metals***
C)reusing rubber leather and textile
D)planting more trees in forest

3.which o the following reduces water pollution ???????
A)building more coal mines
B)creating more paved surfaces
C)using more biodegradable resources
D)using more fertilizers in fires

4.which of the following describes the use of renewable energy?
A)using natural gas to heat a house
B)using a windmill to grind grain**?
C)using petroleum to run a car
D)using coal

if you can help me with the rest thank you JK *cough* *cough* remember connexus JK JK ^_^ remmember

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asked by dude
  1. You're on the edge of asking others to help you cheat. Be very careful!

    *cough* *cough*

  2. its just a joke stop taking things to seriously *cough* *cough* JK means just kidding if you didn't get it *cough* *cough*

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    posted by dude
  3. I got it.

    Do you get it when I say, "Be very careful"? Do you understand the consequences of cheating here at Jiskha?

  4. nooo I dont know the consequences now are you going to help me and stop being such a jerk

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    posted by dude
  5. don't care get
    out of my business
    u r so rude so
    can you please
    help instead of being a(read first of every line including this one)

    Now im sorry if you are offended but you need help with that "be very careful" BS stop being such a jerk and actually help. por favor and gracias (if yoou don't know what that means you can cheat and put it on translate pendejo (not a swear word look it up)

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    posted by dude
  6. Dude -- since you don't like the way Writeacher and the rest of us tutors do things, please do not bother to post here again.

    My sympathies with Connexus teachers and students to have to put up with an unpleasant and disrespectful student.

  7. Thanks Mrs. Sue, your sympathies are accepted. Our idea of helping students is much different than a students idea of helping, clearly. I am sure these students would be much more polite if they were not anonymous


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    posted by Teacher
  8. so are his answers right or wrong?

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  9. Stop cheating

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  10. I'm extremely disappointed, I wish everyone understood that they can come to me if they need help. I am your teacher after all so...

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  11. Why is everyone so rude now?! We clearly need help and we wouldn't be here if the books had the answers!!

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    posted by Lindsey
  12. Lindsey, the books tell you how to get to the answer they don't give you the answer they want to know what YOU learned. Cheating helps nobody!

    1. What happens when pass test and all that comes around, your grades will show what you know(which is nothing!) and you can't cheat on the pass test.

    2. you could get banned from this website, expelled from a school, or even kicked out of college.(not to mention you may not even get into school or college.)

    3. Before ANYONE CHEATS just think of all the consequences and trouble you could get into.

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  13. I know this happened a while ago but I don't understand why you people are being so rude to the teachers here. A lot of the students here are the ones that are doing the wrong thing. The teachers are being "rude" because kids are always expecting to just put all of the answers to the work down instead of doing it themselves. I just really don't get the some of students that are on this cite

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  14. @Just a student i agree i feel sorry for them.

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  15. You can say what you want about cheating here on jiska. However I ofc am a student. A lot of parent/learning coaches and teacher will agree that a lot of question on any test quiz and assessment can be confusing and unclear or down right stupid. Jiska is a place where we can talk about are answers so we can work to get the best grade. I use jiksa to check my work random ppl coming on here and telling me and other were cheating and were going to get into trouble isn't helping. Also you don't learn anything from the giver you learn a lot in school but the giver heck no.

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    posted by yo boi
  16. We should all just get along. We all share the common goal of getting good grades,seeking knowledge, and helping others. (or at least we should)
    Jishka is just I place that I go to to get help with thing that I am stuck on.

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  17. Just give them the answers okurrrr

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  18. This is too easy...even when students put the NAME OF THE SCHOOL and pasted copy-written material, you still had conversation with them?

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  19. I need answers for the unit 2 lesson 11 unit test plz

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