i have to create a visual display, a creative one, to illustrate what diction is using the definition, one or more examples and an attractive resource for teaching the function of the term

What definition of diction are you using?

writers or speakers word choice


Did you check the Web site I posted?


The example given there would make a good start for your presentation.

Other examples of diction include
* saying hello to a friend online, your boy/girl friend's father, and a young child, a prospective employer or teacher
* explaining a movie to the above people.

Visuals could include a simple poster illustrating some examples or a powerpoint presentation.

Perhaps you could use one poster or powerpoint in a multiple choice format to ask your learners to choose the right words for different audiences.

it has to be a creative visual and i don't have access to a computer to showcase the presentation on. the visual has to be something very eye catching and unusual

The only creative visual I can think of is a sort of comic book poster illustrating one or more of the examples in the Web site -- or -- even better -- an example that you can think of.

One image I have is of some sloppily dressed teen addressing an old woman (Whistler's Mother?) as "Hey, Dude!" This would illustrate inappropriate diction.

need help with english homework

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asked by steph

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