Name one physical property and one chemical property that you could use to distinguish between water and gasoline.

Write down, on a sheet of paper, three or four physical properties. Place them in a column. On another column write three or four physical propertis of water. Then you will know the answer. I shall be happy to check your thinking.

isnt the 3or4 physical properties(volume, mass, weight, and density)
and the 3or4 physical properties of water (color, shape, hardness, and odor)???

ALL of those are physical properties. mass, density, color, chape, hardness, odor are all physical properties of BOTH gasoline and water. Now, which of those do you think you could use to distinguish between them. Could you measure the density? the odor?

umm..i think its density and odor!!
cause water's density is 1g/cm3<-(little three) and the density of gasoline is less than that~!!
and sometime therez odor in gasoline but water doesnt!!
is it correct??^^

Sure. The density of gasoline is close to 0.7 g/cc and you are correct that the density of water is close to 1 g/cc. You know water is odorless (some wells have horrible odors due to the dissolved gases) but city water USUALLY is odorless. Sometimes you can smell chlorine in it on days when the treatment plant must add quite a bit of chlorine in order to disinfectant it. So both can be used and you needed only one physical property to distinguish between them in the initial problem.

one property?!! o..sometime theres odor in water...that means only one property is density!!^^

Yes, but most of the water we drink is odorless. I assume the problem was talkng about PURE water, also, and pure water doesn't have any odor. I threw the odor part in because sometimes I can smell chlorine when I run the faucet in the kitchen. Of course, that isn't pure water. My brother has a well and I can smell hydrogen sulfide when I open the faucet at his house. Needless to say I take my own water when I visit him.

so well im gonna write...density!!^^
thank-u!! are u doctor??
im not smart in science but smart in math!! i answered lyk 3 math question of someone!!

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