Is nano3 + h2o -> naoh + hno3 correct?

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  1. In chemistry, since there are more than 26 elements, some elements are represented by two letters of the alphabet. The first (or the only) letter of an element is ALWAYS written in capital letters to avoid confusion, since formulas of compounds are written without delimiters.
    For example, CO stands for carbon monoxide, Co stands for cobalt.

    Back to the equation you posted, if the reactants and products are interchanged, then it would be correct.

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    posted by MathMate
  2. To paraphrase MathMate's answer, no, it isn't correct. I have used, quite often, the CO example, but I add another. CO is carbon monoxide, Co is cobalt, and co is the abbreviation for company.

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    posted by DrBob222

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