A shop owner blends three types of coffee,A,B, the ratio 3:5:7
a) calculate the weight of each type of coffee in 45kg of three blended mixture.
b) given that type A coffee cost $7 per kg, type B coffee costs $10 kg and type C coffee costs $13 per kg, calculate the cost per kg of the blended mixture

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  1. 3x + 5x + 7x = 45
    15x = 45
    x = 3

    A = 9 B= 15 C = 21

    9(7) + 15(10) + 21(13)=486

    486/45 = cost/kg

    10.8 cost/kg for the mix.

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  2. 3*3

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  3. Sol:
    Wt. of each type of coffee
    = 3+5+7
    = 15
    = 3x3 3x5 3x7
    = 9kg,15kg,21kg

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  4. Part is missing i am very disappointed Please send the second part as soon as possible

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  5. 3x+5x+7x=45
    A=9 B=15 C=21
    486/45 =cost/kg
    10.80 cost/kg for mixture

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