american goverment

The case of Schenck v. United States (1919) concerned protest activities against American involvement in World War I. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., said that trying to convince draft-age men to resist induction was intended to result in a crime, and posed a “clear and present danger” of succeeding. The Supreme Court decision in the case relates to a limitation on which of the following? (1 point)
A freedom of the press
B free exercise of religion
C freedom of speech
D cruel and unusual punishment

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  1. A person trying to convince men to resist induction is exercising freedom of speech.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. c- freedom of speech

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  3. 1-c

    100% correct on pretest

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  4. I can vouch for joe mama's answers, i met him at Saw Con he's a good friend

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