American Government

Please check my answers
1. Political parties and interest groups differ in which of the following ways?
A. Individual interest groups infuse more money into politics than political parties.
B. Interest groups represent ideologies of members, whereas political parties do not represent ideologies.
C. Political parties focus on a wide range of issues; interest groups are more narrowly focused.
D. The two major political parties rarely welcome the support of interest groups.
My guess is D.
2. How has the data shown in the infographic impacted American democracy?
A. These forms of media are more accurate than other forms.
B. The mass media provide citizens with information more quickly than in the past.
C. The mass media are subject to more governmental censorship.
D. The mass media are dependent upon public financing.
My guess is B.
3. American media is effective at doing which of the following? Select all that apply.
A. highlighting positive news stories
B. holding public officials accountable
C. influencing the public agenda
D. providing equal coverage of all issues
My guesses are C&D

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  1. Your guesses for 1 and 3 are wrong. Try studying your text and answer with knowledge.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1. How has the data shown in the infographic impacted American Democracy?
    -Provides citizens with info more quickly than in the past

    2. The american media is effective at doing which of the following? Select all that apply:
    -Holding Public officials accountable.
    -Influencing the public agenda

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  3. For 1 and 2 G-Eazy is correct and 3 is A. analyze the political new media

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  4. 1) How has the data shown in the infographic impacted American democracy? ANS: B
    2) The american media is effective at doing which of the following? Select all that apply
    ANS: BC
    3) Use the list to answer the question. These 3 questions can help you do which of the following? ANS: A

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  5. All Correct!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  6. Correct ^^^^^

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  7. CORRECT @answer check

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  8. answer check is right

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  9. Answers:
    1: A
    2: B and C
    3: A


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  10. No one here is correct

    1 C
    2 B
    3 B&C

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  11. AD Is right

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  12. ad is right. thx babe!

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  13. AD is 100% correct 2020!!

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  14. AD IS RIGHT 100%

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  15. Lamps make me sweaty is correct for honors students.

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