wat is moral imperfection? in your own words

You need to do it in your own words. Moral imperfection is not immorality, but can lead to it. Lying is a moral imperfection, as is stealing, or cheating.

Note to Michelle:

When talking to your friends, using shortcuts is fine. When talking to others -- teachers, bosses, others in power -- use Standard English, grammar, and puncutation. Using slang usually means you do not take your request/answer/comment seriously. And you won't be taken seriously either.

Now. As to your question, which was not phrased as a question -- A better form would have been: "I need to explain what moral imperfection is. I'm supposed to give this in my own words."

First, know what each word means. MORAL means...IMPERFECTION means...Then decide what these words mean to YOU. Then you will have your answer.

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