Math grade 6, ratio

Mr. Lynch bought some oranges and pears.after giving away 10 oranges, he had twice as many pears as oranges left.if he had 24 pears in the end,what was the ratio of the number of oranges to the number of pears he had at first?

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  1. number of oranges --- x

    after give-away
    number of oranges = x-10
    number of pears = 24
    and he had twice as many pears as oranges
    24 = 2(x-1)
    2x - 2 = 24
    x = 13

    ratio of oranges : pears = 13 : 24

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  2. number of oranges --- x

    after give-away
    number of oranges = x-10
    number of pears = 24
    and he had twice as many pears as oranges
    24 = 2(x-1)
    2x - 2 = 24
    x = 12

    ratio of oranges : pears = 12 : 24

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