Develoing a Lesson Plan

I have to develop a lesson plan for
a health unit on "What Makes Us Grow"
based on a class size of 15 children.
I have to include objectives, the
time required, materials needed,
learning activities, measures for evaluation, and any teacher resource
Does anyone know of any websites that
can help me? This is for elementary
school children.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank You!!

All of us have been through this: We will be happy to critique your lesson plan. Some of us are certified observators/evaluators.
Make certain the objective is measurable. Include a variety of activities to suit a variety of learning styles. Keep it simple. You can evaluate your own lesson plan, using the written criteria for evaluation for your state.

Hi Thalia.

As a teacher, I absolutely HATE writing lesson plans. It I could do my job effectively without it, I would.

Luckily, as I get more experienced as a teacher, I can rely less and less on formal lesson plans and just outline what I will be teaching and remember the lesson plan in my head. But that is something that will not come your first year of teaching.

So, while you embark on this wonderful journey, let me point you to the following web site:

(Broken Link Removed)

It is a fantastic resource to help you write up a lesson plan and provides questions you need to consider.

I hope this helps!

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