1.In which temperature of water did the food coloring diffuse faster?
2.Using your knowledge of the motion of molecules, explain the results. I'm doing a discussion and I need help, can someone help me please and thank-you :)

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  1. 1. What did your experiment show?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. When you put food coloring in cold water the water molecules and food-coloring molecules in cold water don’t move as quickly as in hot water. The slower moving molecules result in slower mixing of the water and food coloring. Although, when you drop food coloring in hot water diffusion occurs at a faster, and easier rate. This is because when heat is applied it increases the kinetic energy of the particles and the movement of particles increases and it helps to increase the rate of diffusion.

    this was my answer but pls use your own words thanks !!

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  3. why does it not work from me

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  4. When putting the food coloring in hot water it didn't move as slow as it did in cold water. When you add heat it will increase kinetic energy. Making the molecules move faster than when the temperature is cold.

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