political science

1) Scenario: The President appoints Dan Evans to Senator Adams' seat when Adams resigns due to a personal scandal. This scenario is:
a) Constitutional, because it is within the President’s powers to appoint Senators
when one dies or resigns in the middle of his/her term.
b) NOT Constitutional, because a president cannot make an appointment in this case; there has to be an immediate election.
c) Constitutional, only after such an appointment has passed approval of the majority of the Senate
d) NOT constitutional, because the replacement for a US Senator has to be appointed
by the state executive, i.e. the Governor of that state, not the federal executive, i.e.
the President


2) The doctrine of stare decisis, which is party of the US legal system, means:
a) having a jury of one’s peers
b) respecting precedent
c) allowing the defendant to speak
d) having the plaintiff participate in the process


3) The solicitor general is the presidential appointee who:
a) Argues cases for the federal government before the Supreme Court
b) Assists the Chief Justice with research on cases
c) Heads the Department of Justice
d) Conducts research for the Judiciary Committee
e) Oversees the federal bureaucracy


4) During the Cold War (1947-1991), which two countries were the world’s superpowers:
a) China and the United States
b) The Soviet Union and China
c) The United States and the Soviet Union
d) France and the United Kingdom
e) The United States and the European Economic Community


Can someone check and see if I have the right answer for these? I am doing my study guide for my final this week and I am stuck on 4 questions. Thank you

asked by Alex
  1. Your answers are all correct.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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