math check my answer please

Simplify 3√125a^1b^3
(By the way,in 3√, 3 is the index)

3√125 * 3√a^1 * 3√b^3
5 * 3√a^1 * 3√b^3
I'm stuck what to do next.

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asked by samantha
  1. Just as √125 = 5√5, √b^3 = b√b

    You went a bit astray, so we should have

    = 3*5b√(5ab)
    = 15b√(5ab)

    The 3 does not distribute across products. The distributive property only applies to addition, as in

    3(√a + √b) = 3√a + 3√b

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    posted by Steve

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