Why do you think state and local governments have a major role in providing important services? Why doesn't the federal government take on more of this role?

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  1. It's generally believed that local government knows the needs of its people better than the federal government.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Oh my !

    First check Constitution Amendment 10.
    Powers not delegated to the US gov. by the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people (look up exact wording).
    Local governments do not exist in the Constitution but States reserve powers for them.
    We are a UNION of States, not an all powerful central government.

    Now also think about practical problems. Would you want the government in Washington determining where your next school goes or which road to repair next?

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  3. thank you for your help Damon

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  4. You are welcome.

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  5. civics unit 8 lesson 10 state and local governments unit test

    1 D
    2 A
    3 D
    4 B
    5 C
    6 A
    7 D
    8 B
    9 A
    10 D
    11 B
    12 C
    13 C
    14 C
    15 B
    16 D
    last 3 questions are easy open-answer ones.

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  6. some dude is right ^^^^^^^
    i got a 100%

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  7. some dudes answers 4,9,10,11 are incorrect for the year 2021, the rest are correct

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  8. @HMU there are 2 different tests. the answers to the other tests are:
    1. Many state legislators do not work year round. (D)
    2. This excerpt is an example of a fundamental law of lasting importance that should not be changed. (A)
    3. The power to tax and borrow money (D)
    4. The imitative and referendum are most popular in the western United States. (D)
    5. The police power (C)
    6. They verify that lower state courts have acted appropriately (A)
    7. Statutory law (D)
    8. State governors have less authority and Fewer powers then the president since state governments divide executive power among several offices (B)
    9. Secretary of State (D)
    10. Commission Form (A)
    11. Strong mayor-council form (C)
    12. City governments need to plant city development by dividing the city into commercial, residential, industrial and other areas (C)
    13. The state budget process is more organized with state governors and state legislatures sharing responsibility (C)
    14. An income tax (C)
    15. State and local governments spend about as much on public welfare as they do on public safety and hospitals put together (B)
    16. he is performing a duty as head of the state by greeting a visiting official (D)

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  9. PAY ATTENTION to which test you have . Some dude was 100% right for my test. And i'm 100% right for the other one

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  10. 17: In 1940 the Missouri Plan was a system that had involved selection of judges by a group of attorneys, that isn't in the governors jurisdiction.

    18: Civilians have expectations of their state and local government, such as police, education, health care, hospitals, welfare programs, etc. The federal government doesn't have as much direct contact as the state and local government would.

    19: The Bill of Rights, they had divided governmental powers, and they had a governor and president.

    No one

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