Language Arts

1. Choose the word that defines the word in bold.
“Kugler, Ferdinand was a thief before his tenth year and an INVETERATE liar.”
A. Habitual.***
B. Believable.
C. Undetectable.
D. Entertaining.
2. Choose the word that defines the word in bold.
“But really, why don’t You…why don’t You Yourself do the judging” Kugler asked PENSIVELY.
A. Regretfully.
B. Eagerly.
C. Happily.
D. Thoughtfully. ***
3. Choose the word that defines the word in bold.
[We] … began to talk about the weather again, … and other BANAL and insoluble questions.
A. Trite. ***
B. Critical.
C. Controversial.
D. Unexpected.
4. Choose the word that defines the word in bold.
“Though another of Mohammed’s commandments-the one on alcoholic drinks-was broken (and without constraint, as I know) no LATITUDE was allowed with regard to pork.
A. Argument.
B. Sharing.
C. Leeway.***
D. Expense.

Btw, the caps words are the bold words for that sentences

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  1. I agree with your choices.

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  2. OK, thanks!

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  4. Do you have the rest?

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  5. C

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  6. 1. C
    2. A
    3. A

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