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Identify the species oxidized, the species reduced, the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent in the following electron transfer reaction.

2Fe3+ + Sn2Fe2+ + Sn2+
species oxidized species reduced

oxidizing agent reducing agent

As the reaction proceeds, electrons are transferred from

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  1. Here are the definitions.
    Loss of electrons is oxidation.
    Gain of electrons is reduction.
    The material oxidized is the reducing agent.
    The material reduced is the oxidizing agent.

    2Fe3+ + Sn ==> 2Fe2+ + Sn2+

    You can see that 2Fe^3+ goes from 6+ to 4+ so that is a gain of electrons.

    You can see Sn goes from 0 on the left to 2+ on the right which is a loss of electrons

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