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For my language arts class, I have to write about whether or not we agree with the idea of spanking children. I agree with the idea, but I need help with research on the topic, as I cannot find some noteworthy websites. This essay is due the day after tomorrow (Friday) and if anyone would be so kind as to helping me find websites with some good information. Thanks very very very very much!!!

Yes, that is correct. The paper I received that stated what we had to write about had an article from U.S. News and World Report dating back to April 13, 1998 written by Lynn Rosselini titled "When to Spank". This is the only article I have in my possession so far. Thanks ever so much!

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What an interesting topic! Dr. Spock was for it but some parents, if they are very angry, lose control. Here is something on the subject:


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6. (Broken Link Removed)


Growing up I remember some teachers used to rap students on the knuckles with a ruler. This is something that can hurt the nerve endings in the hand, so that I am against! In some countries "caning" is permitted. That can be more severe than "paddling." My father's greatest threat was "get the strap!" He never hit us with it but all 4 of straightened up immediately! "spare the rod and spoil the child" I heard so many times growing up!

Thank you SraMcGin!! This information will be very useful in my essay! (I also liked the tidbit in the very end too :-) I love this website sooooooo much!! Thanks again!!


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