chemistry NMR helpppp

really really need some help, been stuck on this for toooo long.

Some Data:

"A" triplet for 3H (2 neighbors)
"B" quartet for 2H (3 neighbors)
"C" singlet for 3H (no neighbors)
"D" singlet for 2H (no neighbors)

Alright here is what i have so far:
im trying to figure out what group can be attached that would cause another singlet. I have this structure so far: CH3CH2COOCH3 where you would expect a quartet, triplet from the ch3ch2 and a singlet from the methyloxy. What are some options of a less electronegative atom then oxygen that will give a singlet but does not have any hydrogens? (I'm stumped on figuring out whaat "D" is) Any help would be superb!!!

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