american goverment check answers

9. What criteria might a judge who abides by a philosophy of judicial restraint use to decide a
(1 point)
The judge would consider previous court decisions on the topic but ultimately consider the current
circumstances and changes in society.
The judge would not consider previous rulings but rely mainly on modern­day circumstances and
The judge would defer to the actions of the executive and legislative branches in deciding the case.
The judge would consider both the intent of the Framers who wrote the part of the Constitution in
question and previous court decisions on the topic.
10. A case traveling though the federal court system to the Supreme Court is first heard in federal
district court and then goes where?
(1 point)
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Services
U.S. Court of Appeals
state supreme court
U.S. Court of Federal Claims


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  1. 9.C - no
    10.B - yes

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 9.a

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  3. Right.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. #9 is D not A/C, just took the quiz.

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  5. nonya right

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  6. random is correct, I just took the quiz its:

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  7. thanks anonymous! 10/10 100% :)

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  8. thanks guys! 10/10

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  9. 1. Checks and balances
    2. Appellate
    3. Federal Court
    4. It can strike down laws that are unconstitutional
    5. Federal district Court
    6. Article III courts
    7. It rules whether laws are constitutional or unconstitutional
    8. Court of international trade
    9. The judge would consider both the intent of the Framers who wrote the part of the Constitution in question and pervious court decisions on the topic.
    10. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Services

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  10. ^ 10 is just U.S. Court of Appeals, anon. Not armed services.

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  11. Random is 100% correct

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  12. anonymous is 100% correct

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