A candy manufacturer makes two types of special candy, say A and B. Candy A consists of equal parts of dark chocolate and caramel and Candy B consists of two parts of dark chocolate and one part of walnut. The company has in stock 430 kilograms of caramel, 360 kilograms of dark chocolate, and 210 kilograms of walnuts. The company sells Candy A for P285 and Candy B for P260 per kilograms. How much of each candy should the manufacturer produce to maximize profit?

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  1. sadasd

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  2. P=285x+260y
    x+2y<360 - eq. 1
    X<430 -eq.2
    Y<210 -eq.3


    Eq.2 and Eq. 3, no need it is given

    --Extreme Points--


    Substitute these points to our Objective Function P

    (0,180) = 46,800

    So, the answer is (x=430, y=-35)
    *please double check if there are errors

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  3. Where did you get the (-60,150) and (430,-35)? Thanks!

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