area of squares and rectangles

a brick wall is 42'-4'' long and 18'-7''high.there are 2 openings each 3'-2'' X 7'-2''.what is the net are of the wall to the nearer thousandth sq foot?

convert the measurements to decimal..

42'4'= 42 4/12 = 42.3333 ft as an example.

Now compute the areas, subtracting the area of the windows from the wall.

I will be happy to critique your work or thinking

113284-3268=110016/144=764 sq ft

You calculations are not corect.
(42x12 + 2) = 506
(18x12 + 2) = 218
Take it from there. Within parentheses, multiplication and division are done before addition and subtraction.

The other two are correct. However, the correctness of the third problem depends on the original units used — feet or square feet. Was this from a word problem?

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

a brick wall is 42'-4'' long and 18'-7''high.there are 2 openings each 3'-2'' X 7'-2''.what is the net are of the wall to the nearer thousandth sq foot?
113284-3268=110016/144=764 sq ft>>

In inches, 42'4" is 42x12 +4=508
18'7" is 18x12+7=223
so the first line result is correct (notice your typos in the calcs).
The second line is correct.
The result is correct, except for the decimal. The problem asked for net sq ft to nearest thousandth.....
764.000 would be that answer.


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