1.Identify the underline phrase in the sentences:

"Accordong to the letter", the wedding is June 25th.


2.Mikayla's homeroom teacher,"Mr.Jones", is very proud of her.


Henry's desire "to win" is obvious.


4."Talking" is not allowed in class.


5.Determine if the following sentence contains a misplaced modifier or dangling modifier, or if it correct:

Josie's project was a failure, having not prepared properly.

misplaced modifier
dangling modifier****

My answers:
5.dangling modifier

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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  1. 3 is incorrect.

    The others are right.

  2. I think you are right on all.

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  3. 1.prepositional - yes
    2.appositive - yes
    3.prepositional - no
    4.gerund - yes
    5.dangling modifier - yes

  4. Mea culpa. Yes, 3 is incorrect. I was too quick.

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  5. For 3 I was thinking either prepositional or infinitive but I wasn't sure so I said prepositional.
    Am I correct with my 2nd choice B-infinitive?

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  6. Yes. "To win" is an infinitive.

  7. Prepositions are followed by nouns or pronouns.

    Infinitives are made up "to" plus a verb.

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