prove-AB-EF (in 5 steps that show why it is corect; i.e two-column proof)

2)Given-<2=<3, <4=<5
prove-<1 is supplementay to <6
(in 3 steps, with the two column proof)

1.AB=CD,CD=EF 1.Given
2.?? 2.??
3.?? 3.??
4.?? 4.??
5.AB=EF 5.??

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  1. Transitive Axiom If a = b and b = c then a = c

    So it seems to me to be two steps, not five.

    You second makes no sense, it does not indicate any relationship with <1 and any other angle.

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  2. Purple because aliens dont wear hats

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  3. wth does that mean

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