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3. Which is not a health professional who treats mental and emotional disorders?
A psychiatrist
B neurologist
C social worker
D psychologist

4. Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is an example of a(n)
A. Personally disorder
B. Anxiety disorder
C. Mood disorder
D. Impulse-control disorder

5. A physician who treats disorders of a nervous system is a
A. Psychiatric social worker
B. Neurologist
C. Psych neurologist
D. Clinical psychologist

6. Jennie feels sad all the time now. She has not enjoyed anything for months . Jennie is probably suffering from
A . A phobia
B. Clinical depression
C. Obsession compulsive disorder
D. Grief

7. Which is not a type of psychotherapy used to treat mental disorders
A.insight therapy
B. Group therapy
C. Drug therapy
D. Cognitive therapy

8. A mental health perfessional that is a link between community services and a patient is a
A . Psychologist
B. Psychiatrists
C. Social worker
D. Neurologist

9. Which of the following is not a risk factor for depression and or suicide
A. A parent or other close biological relative with a mood disorder
B. Experiencing a violent crime or witnessing violence
C. Being sad for awhile after your friend moves away
D. A previous bout of depression

10. If your concerned about factors associated with mental illness, you don't need to worry about
A. Heredity
B. Virus infection
C. Physical factors
D. Early experiences

11. You think your friend is depressed and may be considering suicide. Which of the following actions would you avoid
A. Tell him how concerned you are about him; you'll probably embarrass him
B. Leave him alone to work it out
C. Tell an adult you trust about the situation
D. Tell him how disappointed you are he would even consider suicide

12 . True or false
If you've started a lot of hobbies all at once, you should watch out for clinical depression to set in
A. True
B. False

13. Lindsey is often late for soccer practice because she has to tie and untie the laces to her soccer shoes exactly four times before she can play what disorder if Lindsey displaying
A. Panic attack
B. Phobia
C. Obsessive compulsive disorder
D. General anxiety disorder

14. Each year, about ____ percent of Americans experience the symptoms of a mental disorder however the majority of these people do not seek help
A. 10
C. 50
D. 69

15 who should address the needs of a patient with a mental disorder
A. A speech therapist
B. An international medicine doctor
C. A mental health professional
D. A medical intern

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  1. Where are your answers?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Sorry can you check my answers
    13- b

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  3. they are all right i belive sorry if im wrong im only in 6th grade but i think there right :)

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  4. Most are right ^ but in the 13th question about the girl that ties and unties her shoelaces 4 times in a row, the answer is not phobia, but the correct one is obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD) because despite the stereotype that OCD is "wanting everything to be clean", people with OCD do tend to get stuck into patterns and doing things over and over again. And 14. is 20 percent of Americans that show symptoms of mental illness.

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  5. 100% thanks to smiggles and Iloveyou :)

    <3 Dea

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