14. which quotation from nethergrave best conveys jeremys desire to escape the real world.
a. "oh, i guess you mean those stories i make up online. You know about them?"***
b. "I played in a soccer tournament at school , and i kicked the winning goal."
c. "Jeremy no longer needed the mouse; he just willed himself to move."
d. "Then i guess it'll just be us three guys."

`15. in "A sound of thunder," which of the following elements allows for a deeper understanding of the text?
A. Characterization**
B. Location of the story
c. The weather described in the story
D. When the story took place

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  1. I think these are both right not sure tho ?? Do u know if they are right or are u still waiting for the answer to them

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  2. correct ^

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  3. Both of the answers are correct btw

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