Social Studies

What was the unanswered question of the Nullification Crisis
A). does the federal government have absolute power to place traffic as goods?

B). does the state have the right to mullfiy other states laws?

C). Does the fedrl government or do the states have greater rights and powers?

D). do the states have the right to secede from the union **

Which of the following did Andrew Jackson believe made the federal government supervise of the rights of the states and was a monopoly controlled by
foreigners and the rich

A). the bank of the untied stated **

B). the united states constitution

C). the electoral collage

D). the indian removal act

Help check my answers!!

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  1. I think you're right on both, but ... really??

    "the bank of the untied stated"

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  2. The answers to the quickcheck are:

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  3. Oh yes.

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  4. Mongoose is right

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  5. yup for conexus


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  6. Which of the following did Andrew Jackson NOT do?
    A. Served in the South Carolina Militia
    B. Studied and practiced law in North Carolina
    C. Owned a store in Nashville, Tennessee
    D. Served as a Senator from Tennessee

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  7. Do you have evrything for connexus

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  8. mongoose is right

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