essay novel study need ideas and advice

Jane Austen's novels Pride and prejudice and Persuasion both illustrate the challenges of being a woman in the 1900s. The need to find security, obtain wealth, status and marriage becomes necessary for survival and fulfillment. Unfortunatly, Austen shows that the pressure created by these challenges leads some women to be greedy and deceitful. However, in the end the women who avoid these temptations and follow their hearts with dignity and integrity are the ones rewarded by true love and fulfillment, at least in Austen's world.

this is the thesis and intro to my literary essay for my novel study ISU, i need some ideas and advice for the main paragraphs after that will ephasize my paper, also need critical quotes and examples from both book that's best for this.

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asked by cin
  1. You wrote an introduction and thesis for a paper you haven't done the prewriting for yet? That's backwards.

    Here's an idea -- and make sure you have read both books before you try this:

    Make two lists (could even be on two pages); call one "negative women" and the other "positive women."

    On the "negative women" list, name the characters from the two books that fit the category and jot down some of their actions/reactions that put them in this category ("greedy and deceitful") plus any other characteristics you can think of. Any of their actions, words, and thoughts should include the page number of the book in which you find those.

    On the "positive women" list, do the same, but for those who "avoid these temptations and follow their hearts..."

    Only when you've done a really thorough job of exploring the characters can you decide how you will focus your paper. You should probably focus on only two "negative" and two "positive" women -- one of each from each book. Once you've done thorough brainstorming, you'll be able to figure out which four characters are the best to use as your examples.

    While you're doing this brainstorming, you may think of additional ideas or ways to tweak your original thesis. Don't be afraid to rephrase and/or streamline your thesis. You may find that you end up revising the entire introduction (to a paper that isn't written yet!) -- even scrapping it and starting over. If so, that's fine.

    But if you skip steps in the writing process, you'll end up with problems like what you have right now -- a vague general idea and no clue how to develop and support it.
    Go into Essay & Research Paper Level to see all the different aspects of writing a good paper.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. already read the books, and prewriting?
    i've got ideas to support already, i just looking for suggestions and ideas people think might maximize my point

    posted by cin

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