Acrostic poem for L A N D F O R M S

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  1. L ook around you
    A rroyo -- a dry creek

    This site will help you for the rest.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Loess
    New land features
    Feature of land and surface

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  3. Landform is a natural artificial feature.
    Arches commonly form where inland cliffs, coastal cliffs, fins or stacks are subject to erosion from the sea, rivers or weathering
    Natural landforms include mountains, hills, plateaus and plains.
    Dunes are a mound of sand formed by the wind, usually along the beach or in a desert.
    Forests include mountains, valleys, rolling hills and flat plateaus
    Oceans, lakes and rivers qualify as landforms
    Rock structure controls the locations of uplands and lowlands, as well as the routes of streams and rivers.
    Make a given terrain, and their arrangement in the landscape is known as topography.
    Solid surface of the earth

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