Math generic rectangles

Out of all problems this one I just don't know. I started it but I'm unsure .can someone help me please.

Draw a generic rectangle to find each product. Then write a multiplication sentence with parenthesis for each one.

7 (1+11)

So I am thinking the multiplication part is :


7 (1+11)=7+77=84

The set up for the generic rectangle I don't know how to set it.

asked by Jasmin
  1. this is to get 7 * 12
    one rectangle is 7 by one and the other is 7 by 11. They attach together to get 7 by 12 but it is easier to multiply 7 by 1 and 7 by 11 than to multiply 7 by 12 directly.
    It is really just the distributive property
    a(b + c) = ab + ac

    posted by Damon

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