A ball of mass 2kg travelling in a straight line at 4ms^-1 is acted on by a force of 3N acting in the direction of motion for 5 seconds. What is the speed of the ball after 5 seconds?

vf=vi+at but a=force/mass

a = 3÷2= 1.5




Is this correct? If not please can you correct it for me

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  1. That is correct assuming that the ball is sliding, not rolling. If rolling there is a force back on the bottom of the ball to give it angular acceleration but I suspect you have not covered that. Let's just assume that is a net force of 3 N :) In other words the 3 N is the forward force minus the backward force.

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  2. vf = 11.5 m/s or 11.5 ms^-1

    but not m/s^-1 = m/(1/s) = ms

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