Please help quick!!!!! History

Name and describe three facets of modern business that have their origins in trade practices during the Middle Ages?

I have looked at my book over and over again and i can not find anything. can some one just please name them that is all i need!

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  1. There are probably hundreds of business practices in that category.

    origins of capitalism
    establishment of marketing
    establishment of labor unions (guilds)
    establishment of wide use of money instead of bartering.

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  2. Thank you so much!!! i never associated guilds with labor unions in my mind.......So thanks!!

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  3. Excuse me, I am super struggling on trying to find the answer. It seems like you have the answer, but I need to know where to find it in the textbook.

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  4. Topic 7 Medieval Christian Europe (330–1450) > 7.4 Economic Expansion and Change: The Crusades and After > A New Middle Class
    On mine you also had to explain here ya go!

    One facet of modern business that have their origins in trade practices during the Middle Ages is using money for trade. Instead of bartering for goods they would trade goods for money.
    Another facet is investments. A lot of people nowadays invest in different companies, hoping to make a profit. In the Middle Ages merchants would group together and they would both invest some of their capital, so that one wouldn't have to invest all of his capital and not receive anything if their ideas didn't work.
    The third facet of modern business from the Middle Ages is insurance. When a merchant was shipping his goods, an underwriter insured his shipment for a small fee. If the merchants shipment was lost or something happened to it, then the underwriter would repay most of the cargos value, but if it made it safely to where it needed to be, then the merchant would just lose the small fee they payed to the underwriter.
    There are also 2 more. They are bills of exchange and letters of credit. With bills of exchange a person could get a bill of exchange which represented how much money they had, so that if they traveled to another city, they could get their money from a bank instead of carrying around all his gold, which could be easily stolen. A letter of credit guaranteed payment of a set sum of money after the seller met certain conditions.

    You're welcome!

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  5. my teacher sent this as a honor code violation so boys i don’t recommend using it good luck tho

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