Algebra 1

Just checking my answers.

What is the sum or difference?
1. 2x^4 - 8x^4

A. -6x^8
B. -6x^4***
C. -16x^4
D. -16x^8

What is the sum or difference
2. 10y^10 - 14y^10

A. -4y^20
B. -140y^20
C. -140y^10
D. -4y^10***

3. Write the polynomial in standard form. Then name the polynomial based on it's degree and number of terms.
6 - 12x + 13x^2 - 4x^2

A. 9x^2 - 12x; quadratic binomial.
B. 9x^2 - 12x + 6; quadratic trinomial.***
C. -3x^2 + 6; quadratic binomial.
D. 9x^2 - 12x - 6; cubic trinomial.

4. A biologist studied the populations of common guppies and Endler's guppies over a 6-year period. The biologist modeled the populations, in tens of thousands, with the following polynomials where x is time, in years.

Common guppies: 3.1x^2 + 6x + 0.3
Endler's guppies: 4.2x^2 - 5.2 + 1

What polynomial models the total number of common and Endler's guppies?

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  1. Whoops. the choices for number 4 was:

    A. 7.3x^2 + 0.8x + 0.7.
    B. 7.3x^2 - 0.8x + 1.3.
    C. 7.3x^2 + 0.8x + 1.3.***
    D. 7.3x^2 + 0.8x - 1.3.

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  2. all correct. Good job.

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  3. What

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  4. its alright but it wont give me the correct answers..

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  5. Anyone has the answers for MICHIGANS connections academy only

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